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The Necro Files 2
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watch The Necro Files 2 2003 movie online Stay up to date with movie Murder runs deep in the Logan family. The brother of the maniac (turned zombie) in THE NECRO FILES becomes a crazed cannibal rapist and unwittingly reanimates his evil brother's corpse as a flesh-eating zombie rapist! Together, the pair go on a berserk killing spree in the streets of Seattle! Detectives Sloane and Manners investigate the grisly murders in this over the top sequel to the original cult classic, loaded with sick humor, nudity and gore.

Title:The Necro Files 2
Release:Oct 15, 2003
Runtime:1h 9m
Stars:Isaac Cooper, Steve Sheppard, Gary Browning, Greg Lewis, Rod Fontana, Taylor St. Claire, Lisa Sparxxx, Rose Algren, Ashley Hames, Lydia McLane, Gen Padova, Todd Tjersland, Chris Willsher

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